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Hillcrest Educational Centers Berkshires Careers, Pittsfield MA, Lenox MAHillcrest Educational Centers Berkshires Careers, Pittsfield MA, Lenox MA
Managing Your Career
Learn More Earn More (LMEM)

In 2007, HEC committed to providing opportunities for staff who love the work they do, but were financially influenced to take positions at a different, or higher, level to meet their financial obligations. In January 2008, we introduced Positional Career Ladders that offer staff a path of advancement while continuing to do the work they love. Staff who wish to move up their Career Ladder commit to meet expectations at each level of the ladder, gain more knowledge through additional trainings and certifications or licensure, and perform mutually agreed upon role enhancement activities that can be campus specific or cross agency.

Positional Career Advancement Opportunities
The Positional Career Ladders are perfect for employees who want to continue to do the work they love while growing in skill, competency, professionalism, and in earnings.

Established Positional Career Ladders
• Youth Development Counselor/Teachers Assistant
• Assistant Supervisor
• Supervisor
• Teacher
• Clinician
• Lead Clinician
• Case Manager
• Nurse

Promotion from Within
Hillcrest also strongly encourages promotion from within and will assist staff meet educational requirements for promotion through our Tuition Assistance Plan. Examples of advancement through our system of promotion from within:

Youth Development Counselor
 >Assistant Supervisor
     >Assistant Program Director
       >Program Director
Teacher Assistant
 >Educator 1 ( Teacher)
   >Educator 4 (Professional)
Youth Development Counselor
 >Case Manager
   >Adventure Based Counselor
       >Lead Clinician