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Hillcrest Educational Centers Berkshires Careers, Pittsfield MA, Lenox MAHillcrest Educational Centers Berkshires Careers, Pittsfield MA, Lenox MA
Career Paths
Clinical Services

Hillcrest clinical services specialize in treating trauma and loss in addition to fire setting, sexually and physically aggressive behaviors and autism spectrum disorders.  Treatment techniques include experiential, expressive, and evidence based techniques.  Individual and group supervision as well as the case review process offer ongoing development opportunities.  

Healthcare Services

A majority of Hillcrest residential students have experienced a lack of consistent medical and dental care. Therefore, healthcare services at HEC fulfill two important and related functions:

• The delivery of both routine and specialized healthcare services, including medical, nursing, and dental services, by licensed healthcare professionals.
• Helping to educate and inform students and their parents or guardians about how to meet their unique current and future healthcare needs.

From this perspective, each member of the healthcare team is a service provider, a health educator, and a key member of the interdisciplinary treatment team.

Educational Services

Working closely with various school districts Hillcrest provides a 12-month educational program designed to fully implement each student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) and provide the educational services that best meet the needs and goals of each student.  This includes preparation for meeting specific graduation requirements of the student's state and district.  Along with academic requirements, Hillcrest also emphasizes the development of interpersonal skills, independent living skills, vocational skills, community awareness and transition to successful adult life.  Recognized as a leader in our industry regarding student to teacher ratios, Hillcrest is able to provide students with a significant amount of individual attention and instruction based upon the specific needs of each student.

Under the direction of the Director of Education, the Education Department is staffed by principals and licensed teachers with specialty training and expertise ranging from Special Needs, Vocational and Physical Education to Music and Art.

Rehabilitation Services

An important component of the treatment planning here at Hillcrest includes a full evaluation performed by licensed and certified professionals in the areas of speech, language and occupational therapy.  These evaluations are performed in accordance with professional standards and the recommended rehabilitation services are then integrated into the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Workforce Learning Department

Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc is committed to providing exceptional services to meet the current and evolving needs of youth and families served.  Workforce learning programming supports that commitment by delivering to our staff educational opportunities that are continuous, relevant and integrated.  Our staff learn and grow with us as they participate in educational opportunities that not only meet or exceed federal, state and accreditation regulations and standards, but contribute to our staff’s professional development in the field and support their individual career paths.  Our comprehensive workforce learning and educational programs include orientation, compliance training, job specific training, crisis prevention and intervention certification, 1st Aid, CPR and AED certification, leadership development, organizational skills, national childcare certification, professional study groups, as well as conference and seminar attendance.

Support Services

Supporting the operations of all of our campuses and administrative offices the maintenance, housekeeping and food service departments serve an essential role supporting the mission of Hillcrest.  Positions vary within these departments and opportunities Include entry level to certified professionals.

Leadership and Administration

The administrative function of the agency is made up of four primary components that manage Hillcrest's policy and programmatic priorities and directions, and the business functions of the organization.

• Leadership  - Consists of the President/CEO, the Executive Vice   President & the Senior Management Team.
• Business & Finance - Responsible for finance management, contracts, billing, and payroll.
• Human Resources - Responsible for all operations associated with recruitment and staffing, personnel data management, employee relations, and the administration of benefits and compensation.
• Information Services - Responsible for all technology development, network support, data management, and quality and performance improvement  programs.  

Residential Treatment & Therapeutic Day Education Programs

Hillcrest’s Mission -- to facilitate the growth of our students through the development of new skills -- is realized through the organization’s residential treatment and therapeutic day education programs. In all HEC programs, interdisciplinary treatment teams, comprised of direct care staff, clinical and healthcare staff, education and rehabilitation staff, and others provide the care, treatment and education of our students. Hillcrest also works closely with the students’ parents or guardians, and with other service agencies working with the family.

In Hillcrest’s four residential treatment programs, virtually every aspect of the student’s life and day is structured in a manner consistent with the best practices of care and treatment. In these programs, individual and team treatment takes place seven days a week, 365 days a year, and every staff member is focused on nurturing the students’ growth, change and development.

The therapeutic day program utilizes the school day and structure to provide individualized special education and treatment services to students, while working closely with parents or guardians to support and reinforce educational and therapeutic goals.